Webinar Recording and Distribution

At Webbed Marketing and at Algorithm I managed the recording and distribution of monthly educational webinars. To record webinars, I use the QuickTime screen recording feature on Mac OS X. This allows me to select the specific area I want to record and easily trim the start and end of each webinar to prepare it for distribution. I then upload each recording to the company YouTube and/or Vimeo channel for distribution and promotion. I will also use iMovie or Final Cut to edit the recording down into shorter segments on specific topics covered during the webinar. These shorter segments are great to share on social networks as quick, digestible content.


Custom Vimeo Video Channel

During my time at Webbed Marketing we hosted a monthly webinar series and I was responsible for recording and publishing each webinar. To host these recordings I built the Webbed Marketing Webinars Vimeo channel and uploaded new recordings each month. The channel is branded with a custom banner and description.