Custom Online Community Building with Ning

I have built and maintained online communities for clients nationwide. The Ohio Dominican University Centennial community was built in 2010 to celebrate the university’s centennial. I used the Ning platform to build the community and worked with ODU to incorporate their branding and content. Community features include member pages, personal groups, photo and video uploads, events and live chat. The community grew to over 250 members.


Message Facebook Page Idea

Nice idea Citrix! Remind your fans of the different ways they can interact with you.

If you didn’t know:

Fans can now send private messages to pages. Messages are viewed and managed through the new admin panel. This allows businesses to take a conversation off the wall and respond to questions or comments privately. Businesses should still provide a public response to questions or concerns posted on their page wall/timeline. But if the comment requires additional feedback, encourage the fan to send a message so that you can continue the conversation privately.