Online Community Setup with BuddyPress

In 2013, Algorithm wanted to create a space for customers to gather online and find and share information about the software solutions they use to run their business. To create this space, I built a custom online community using BuddyPress. The community features member profiles, forums, groups, blog posts/updates and an activity feed.

About BuddyPress
BuddyPress is an open source platform that allows you to create an online community / social network inside of a WordPress site.

Algorithm BuddyPress Community




Social Media Engagement Tips

Just getting started on social media or looking for way to jump start your engagement? Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

Share photos and video

Posts that contain a photo or video receive more engagement than those that do not. As much as possible, attach an image to your update to add a visual to your post and catch the eye of your fans.

Ask questions

Ask follow up questions after events to encourage your followers to share what they thought. Asking questions and commenting on current events is also a great way to get follows talking.

Use the words “you” or “your”

Have your update sound more direct and personal by adding you and your to the post. “What are your thoughts?” “What do you think about xyz?”

Comment yourself

If needed, add your own comment to get the ball rolling. Get your team members involved to help add to and initiate some conversation.

Thank your fans

Acknowledge your fans often with simple thanks. “Thanks to all our new fans.” “Thanks to everyone who joined us at xxx event.” “Thanks for your feedback on xxx.”

Use @ tagging

Great to use for tagging members, friends, followers, influencers or media on Twitter and Facebook.

Using Facebook, you can tag pages that you’re a fan of as well as your own friends. Facebook pages can tag other pages but not personal profiles. This is a very powerful way to have your post show up on others’ walls, which gives you more exposure and brings more fans or potential fans to your page. Simply enter @ and start typing the person or page’s name.

On Twitter, anyone can use tags or @ mentions. Whenever possible, use a person or company’s Twitter handle so that they know you are talking about them.

Twitter Setup and Management

I have created and managed over 50 Twitter accounts for clients worldwide. My Twitter management strategy starts with building a content calendar to start planning and writing posts that fit into an overall marketing strategy. I then write and post daily updates and monitor responses using a social media management tool like Hootsuite.


  • Growing online network and engagement
  • Increase in referral traffic to site
  • Increased leads and conversions

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Facebook Page Creation and Management

I have created over 50 Facebook pages for clients worldwide. This process includes setup (name, category, info), optimization (photos, about, links) and management (content calendar, updates, monitoring).

In January 2011 I created a Facebook page to promote a Lifetime TV series filmed at Riverside Methodist Hospital. The goal of the campaign was not only to promote the show but also to promote the Riverside maternity program to Central Ohio residents. I helped develop the strategy, timeline and content for this project and executed the community development, management and optimization. The page had custom tabs, photos, video and was updated daily. Within one year the Facebook page grew to over 4,000 fans.


  • Over 4,000 people heard the message and followed the updates
  • Fans were very active and engaged with the community
  • The Facebook page reached an important and powerful audience – moms!

Custom Online Community Building with Ning

I have built and maintained online communities for clients nationwide. The Ohio Dominican University Centennial community was built in 2010 to celebrate the university’s centennial. I used the Ning platform to build the community and worked with ODU to incorporate their branding and content. Community features include member pages, personal groups, photo and video uploads, events and live chat. The community grew to over 250 members.