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How to Use Photo Tagging / Photos of You on Instagram

Today’s Instagram app update adds a very Facebook feeling feature – photo tagging. This adds a new section to your profile for photos of you. When someone tags you in a photo, you will be notified and the photo will appear in the Photos of You section on your profile. You can adjust your settings to approve tagged photos before they appear on your profile. The Photos of You section of your profile will not be made visible to other people until May 16.

Here is how Instagram photo tagging works.

First, select the photo you wish to share as usual.

Once you add your filters and add a caption you will see a new section to add people.


Click “Add People” and then, similar to Facebook, you can tap an area of the photo to search for and add a friend’s name.


Once you are done you will see your friend’s username in the “Add People” section. To add more friends just tap another area of the photo. Finally, share your photo.


Once shared, you can see who is tagged in photos by tapping the image once.


Want to manually approve photos others tag of you before they appear on your profile? Navigate to the Photos of You section of your profile and tap the settings icon. Then choose add manually to approve each photo.

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