Are Facebook Posts With Photos Getting Less Reach?

Think Facebook success is all about photos? Think again!

I recently saw a Facebook tip from Social Identities that suggested removing the image and link preview from Facebook posts. He showed evidence of posts on his page performing better if these were removed. So I gave it a shot.

I decided to test this out on a Facebook page I manage. I continued posting as usual, but removed the link preview and stopped using as many photos. What I saw showed just that – simple text posts reached more people.

In the screen capture below  you can see that the post with a photo was seen by 24 people, while the post without a photo was seen by 89. The text post also received 2 more clicks. Both posts included a link fan could click on but the text post did not include the link preview.

Facebook Reach Experiment

I am not saying that photos don’t work on Facebook. Some of my most engaging posts have used photos.

Facebook engagement experiment

But for my everyday posts, it seems that right now a simple text update is reaching the most people. The important thing is to find what works for you. Also consider how many clicks, visits, or conversions you are getting from Facebook and how different posts affect those numbers. It is always best to test out different types of post and see what works for your fans. You might find that a healthy combination is best. And sometimes a picture is after all worth a thousand words.

Tell me in the comments below, what types of posts perform best for you on Facebook? Are you noticing similar trends on your pages?


Blog Setup, Optimization and Management

At Algorithm I oversaw the setup of the first company blog. Each week I ensure that blog posts are written, optimized and published. HubSpot software was used to set up and manage this blog.

blog setup and management


  • Improved search engine ranking on relevant keywords
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive traffic to marketing offers

google analytics

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

At Algorithm I launched an Inbound Marketing campaign using HubSpot software. Using HubSpot I created and optimized landing pages that were used to increase search traffic and collect leads. We also used the landing pages and lead forms to start cataloging what pages and offerings current customers had seen. This helped our sales team better understand the activity level of each prospect.


  • Increased search traffic and site visits
  • Increased leads

inbound marketing leads

Twitter Setup and Management

I have created and managed over 50 Twitter accounts for clients worldwide. My Twitter management strategy starts with building a content calendar to start planning and writing posts that fit into an overall marketing strategy. I then write and post daily updates and monitor responses using a social media management tool like Hootsuite.


  • Growing online network and engagement
  • Increase in referral traffic to site
  • Increased leads and conversions

google analytics

Facebook Page Creation and Management

I have created over 50 Facebook pages for clients worldwide. This process includes setup (name, category, info), optimization (photos, about, links) and management (content calendar, updates, monitoring).

In January 2011 I created a Facebook page to promote a Lifetime TV series filmed at Riverside Methodist Hospital. The goal of the campaign was not only to promote the show but also to promote the Riverside maternity program to Central Ohio residents. I helped develop the strategy, timeline and content for this project and executed the community development, management and optimization. The page had custom tabs, photos, video and was updated daily. Within one year the Facebook page grew to over 4,000 fans.


  • Over 4,000 people heard the message and followed the updates
  • Fans were very active and engaged with the community
  • The Facebook page reached an important and powerful audience – moms!