Look Mom, We’re Going Viral!

So I have to do some bragging. I quietly launched a campaign theme for Algorithm to promote our webinars. The theme came from something that our President is always saying, which is that the solutions available to Macola users today can create an environment that is nothing like their dad’s Macola.

So, I went with that to promote our upcoming webinars. I even made this. I used this theme on the landing page, in tweets and Facebook updates and in an e-mail invitation to our customers.


Today I noticed an interesting source for a new webinar registrant. They had found our website by searching Google for “not your dad’s macola.” Here’s the proof:


What’s the moral? Listen to those funny things your CEO always says. One may be magic.


Online Community Setup with BuddyPress

In 2013, Algorithm wanted to create a space for customers to gather online and find and share information about the software solutions they use to run their business. To create this space, I built a custom online community using BuddyPress. The community features member profiles, forums, groups, blog posts/updates and an activity feed.

About BuddyPress
BuddyPress is an open source platform that allows you to create an online community / social network inside of a WordPress site.

Algorithm BuddyPress Community



Tips For Live Tweeting – Before, During and After the Event

Live tweeting is a great way to promote a live event or webinar. It allows other Twitter users who aren’t at the event to follow along and even participate in the event. Before you start living tweeting, consider these best practices:

Before the Event

Start a Hashtag. Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your event (event initials, abbreviation) and that no one else is using. Search for your desired hashtag on Twitter Search to be sure it is not being used for another purpose.

Choose a Twitter Client or Application. Decide if you will be live tweeting from your phone or computer and download a functioning client. Hootsuite and TweetDeck are great clients to use on your computer. Some great smartphone applications are Twidroyd, Tweetie, TweetDeck, and the official Twitter app. When choosing which client to use, remember that you will need to be able to check replies, post pictures and follow the conversation/hashtag.

Promote off Twitter. You should also notify your Facebook fans, blog readers, LinkedIn connections, etc that you will be live tweeting during the event. Include the twitter username and hashtag you are using when sending this update.

Measure and Track. Use a social media monitoring tool to collect all the tweets about the event so you can review them later.

Educate Attendees. Let the event attendees and followers know about the hashtag before and during the event. This can be shared in your own tweets, other social networks, blog posts about the event, a press release announcing the event, on your events webpage, etc.

Consider Creating a Separate Twitter Profile. If this is a recurring event and you anticipate a large number of tweets being sent out, consider creating a separate Twitter account for the event. The challenge is that you then have to get your current followers to follow a new profile but the hope is that you will not be annoying followers who are not interested in the event.

During the Event

Share Speaker Insights. Don’t just share that a certain speaker is presenting but share their major points. These updates can include exact quotes, crediting the speaker by their username.

Share Speaker Username. Ask speakers to include their Twitter username at the start of their presentation. This way event attendees can follow them and refer to them by their username in their tweets.

Use Twitpic. Add more to your live tweeting by sharing live photos. Picture of the crowd, speakers, booths, networking, special guests are great.

Engage With Others. Follow the conversations others are tweeting at the event. Also watch for replies, questions, comments and concerns and address them.

Use Usernames. When sharing information from, about or a picture of a speaker, company or attendee, always use their twitter usernames.

Don’t Over-tweet. Keep everyone up to speed on the event, speakers and information without overdoing it. You want to contribute to the event conversation without flooding it with useless information (the speaker is walking onto the stage).

Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag. Don’t forget to use that hashtag! This is important to people not in attendance that are following the event so they do not miss anything.

After the Event

Share Highlights. Once you have reviewed the tweets from the event consider sharing some of the highlights with your followers through a blog post or Facebook note.

Follow Back. Be sure to follow everyone who was involved in the conversation, using the hashtag.

Have other tips and best practices for live tweeting? Share them in the comments below!

Blog Setup, Optimization and Management

At Algorithm I oversaw the setup of the first company blog. Each week I ensure that blog posts are written, optimized and published. HubSpot software was used to set up and manage this blog.

blog setup and management


  • Improved search engine ranking on relevant keywords
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive traffic to marketing offers

google analytics

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

At Algorithm I launched an Inbound Marketing campaign using HubSpot software. Using HubSpot I created and optimized landing pages that were used to increase search traffic and collect leads. We also used the landing pages and lead forms to start cataloging what pages and offerings current customers had seen. This helped our sales team better understand the activity level of each prospect.


  • Increased search traffic and site visits
  • Increased leads

inbound marketing leads

Webinar Recording and Distribution

At Webbed Marketing and at Algorithm I managed the recording and distribution of monthly educational webinars. To record webinars, I use the QuickTime screen recording feature on Mac OS X. This allows me to select the specific area I want to record and easily trim the start and end of each webinar to prepare it for distribution. I then upload each recording to the company YouTube and/or Vimeo channel for distribution and promotion. I will also use iMovie or Final Cut to edit the recording down into shorter segments on specific topics covered during the webinar. These shorter segments are great to share on social networks as quick, digestible content.

Twitter Setup and Management

I have created and managed over 50 Twitter accounts for clients worldwide. My Twitter management strategy starts with building a content calendar to start planning and writing posts that fit into an overall marketing strategy. I then write and post daily updates and monitor responses using a social media management tool like Hootsuite.


  • Growing online network and engagement
  • Increase in referral traffic to site
  • Increased leads and conversions

google analytics

Facebook Page Creation and Management

I have created over 50 Facebook pages for clients worldwide. This process includes setup (name, category, info), optimization (photos, about, links) and management (content calendar, updates, monitoring).

In January 2011 I created a Facebook page to promote a Lifetime TV series filmed at Riverside Methodist Hospital. The goal of the campaign was not only to promote the show but also to promote the Riverside maternity program to Central Ohio residents. I helped develop the strategy, timeline and content for this project and executed the community development, management and optimization. The page had custom tabs, photos, video and was updated daily. Within one year the Facebook page grew to over 4,000 fans.


  • Over 4,000 people heard the message and followed the updates
  • Fans were very active and engaged with the community
  • The Facebook page reached an important and powerful audience – moms!

Custom Vimeo Video Channel

During my time at Webbed Marketing we hosted a monthly webinar series and I was responsible for recording and publishing each webinar. To host these recordings I built the Webbed Marketing Webinars Vimeo channel and uploaded new recordings each month. The channel is branded with a custom banner and description.

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is a great way to promote an event or webinar and allows people to follow along from wherever they are. At Algorithm I live tweet during each monthly webinar. I use the hashtag #AlgoWebinar to tag each tweet and allow others to follow along and join in the conversation. Hashtags are also a great tool to track the conversation around a topic or event.

On January 27, 2012 I live tweeted during three heart surgeries at Riverside Methodist Hospital. This was part of a live course in which OhioHealth surgeons were participating. This was the first time OhioHealth had live tweeted a surgery.