Stand Up Vertical Banner

I worked with a graphic design vendor to design a stand up banner for Algorithm. The banner will be used to promote Algorithm services at events and as a backdrop for videos. This banner creation turned into a great internal branding exercise!



Online and Print Advertising Design

I designed a full page ad for Algorithm that ran in a Harmony Project program. I used a partner image and layered text and logos over the image using Photoshop. Two Algorithm team members participated in a Harmony Project choir performance.

Custom Vimeo Video Channel

During my time at Webbed Marketing we hosted a monthly webinar series and I was responsible for recording and publishing each webinar. To host these recordings I built the Webbed Marketing Webinars Vimeo channel and uploaded new recordings each month. The channel is branded with a custom banner and description.

Custom Facebook Tab / Page

I have built and customized social networks and applications to add branded personalization to clients’ online presence. The MyColumbus Facebook tab was created to promote the new City of Columbus mobile App. I used a hosted iFrame page to design and host the tab content.

Custom Online Community Building with Ning

I have built and maintained online communities for clients nationwide. The Ohio Dominican University Centennial community was built in 2010 to celebrate the university’s centennial. I used the Ning platform to build the community and worked with ODU to incorporate their branding and content. Community features include member pages, personal groups, photo and video uploads, events and live chat. The community grew to over 250 members.