Facebook Privacy and Sharing Tips

You have surely heard about and experienced Facebook’s privacy and tagging changes over the past few months. These updates have changed privacy settings on user profiles as well as the ways users share content on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook profile controls can easily be adjusted directly from the user profile rather than navigating through the confusing Privacy Settings page. Each section of the profile has an option to select who can see this information. To change these settings navigate to your profile and click edit. In each section you will see a drop down to adjust the privacy level.


Users can also preview how their page looks to certain people using the “View Profile As” tool. You can find this on your profile under the wheel next to Activity Log.


Users also now have the ability to review tags before they appear live in the newsfeed. This means if a friend tags you in a photo, check-in or post you will have the ability to approve or reject before the post is made visible to anyone else. To enable this setting navigate to Use Activity Log – Timeline Review under your privacy settings and make sure it is enabled.


Options for removing content and tags from your profile are also more robust. When removing content that you have been tagged in you now have the option of removing the content from your profile, removing the tag itself, messaging the photo owner or tagger, and requesting the content get taken down.

Changes to Sharing on Facebook

Each Facebook post now includes options to share your location, who you are with and who you want to see the post. All directly from your status update! Your physical proximity to the location also no longer prevents you from tagging a place. After writing your status update you can:

  1. Tag who you’re with
  2. Share where you are
  3. Choose who sees your post


As always, if you don’t want the world to know something about you, do not share it on Facebook! If you do post something personal or risque, be sure you have adjusted your settings so that only friends (or a custom group of friends) can see the post. Facebook only knows what you have told it about you so when in doubt, don’t over-share!

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