How to Update Your Twitter Header Image

Starting today, Twitter is allowing users to add a header image to their Twitter profile. Similar to Facebook and Google+ cover photos, this is an opportunity to add another visual to your profile. Keep in mind that your Twitter icon and bio will appear on top of the new header image so it should be somewhat simple or it will make your bio hard to read.

Here are the steps to take to change your Twitter header:

1. Create your header image

The header image must be at least 1252×626 pixels and the maximum file size is 5MB. Remember that your icon and bio will display on top of the image so avoid adding a lot of text to the image.

2. Navigate to your design settings

You can quickly get to your Twitter design settings page by clicking this link – This is where you set up your background image and color scheme.

3. Click change header

Click on the button that says “Change header” and select the image you would like to use for your header. Then click “Save changes” and your new header image will be saved.

To view your header image click on the link that says “Me”in the top navigation. You won’t see the header image on the homepage timeline. If you prefer the old look of your profile don’t worry. You can easily remove the header image and everything will return to the old look. Simply click Change header and then Remove in your design settings.

That’s it! Here is the before and after.



What do you think? Does this make Twitter profiles more visually appealing? Will you be updating your header image today?

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