How to Disable Tailored Twitter Trends

From Twitter: Tailored suggestions make building a great timeline — filled with Tweets, links, media, and conversations from the people you’re interested in — easier and faster. Twitter can now make smarter and more relevant suggestions about who you might enjoy following. We’re beginning to test tailored suggestions now with some of our users.

How to Disable Tailored Tweets

To disable tailored trends on Twitter, navigate to your Twitter settings page. Under Account scroll down to personalization. Uncheck the box that reads, “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits.”

To learn more about tailored tweets, visit

Suggested reading: A recent article on Mashable explains tailored trends on Twitter and asks if they are ruining the Twitter experience.

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  1. BrokenEye, the True False Prophet

     /  June 25, 2014

    What do you mean “Under Account scroll down to personalization”? There is no page called “Account”, nor is there any “Personalization” section in the Settings.


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