LinkedIn and Twitter Part Ways

In November 2009 LinkedIn and Twitter announced a partnership that allowed updates to be sent from Twitter to LinkedIn and vice versa. LinkedIn users could update twitter directly from LinkedIn and tweets were able to be sent directly to LinkedIn, updating your profile status.

Credit: Twitter/LinkedIn

This past Friday, June 29, LinkedIn announced that Twitter updates will no longer be shared to LinkedIn. Even if your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are synced, conversations you start on Twitter will no longer be automatically shared with your LinkedIn network. An email sent to users from the LinkedIn Team stated, “Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in third-party applications. Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn members are still able to share updates to Twitter from LinkedIn. To do this users need to compose an update within LinkedIn, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will share your update to LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers.

What is Twitter thinking? 

Wondering why this change happened now? Twitter is starting to create more strict requirements for developers who use the company’s API to build custom programs. This is meant to encourage developers to build apps on the Twitter website in order to deliver a consistent Twitter experience through a core set of products and tools.

Credit: Twitter

One area Twitter is focusing on growing is expanded Tweets or Twitter cards. This is the extra information you see when you expand a tweet, often a photo or video. Twitter cards “give developers and publishers a way to tell richer stories on Twitter, directly within Tweets and drive traffic back to their sites,” explains Twitter Group Product Manager, Michael Sippey. For over a year now Twitter has been taking major steps to update the Twitter website to keep users engaged. I think this recent change shows that Twitter is trying to minimize distractions and create more engaging experiences and reasons to stay on, rather than using a 3rd party tool.

You can learn more about Twitter cards and sign up to participate here. Current partners in the program include Instagram and YouTube.

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