New Facebook Page Toolbar: Voice

This morning I noticed a new feature on the Facebook pages I manage. It is a toolbar at the top of the page called Voice and it shows who you are posting as and allows you to quickly switch between yourself or the page. Here is what it looks like:

The toolbar reads, “You are posting, commenting, and liking as Algorithm – Change to Rebecca Roebuck.” When I click “Change to Rebecca Roebuck” it automatically changes my settings so that I am now posting, commenting, and liking as Rebecca Roebuck.

Page managers could make this switch before the Voice Toolbar but had to go into the page settings each time they wanted to make this change. I think this is a great new little feature that will save page managers time because it easily allows you to change your Voice directly from the page itself and allows you to more easily like and comment as yourself rather than the page when needed.

Under your page settings (Edit Info – Your Settings), where this feature used to live, Facebook has added a new option – the option to send push notifications to the Pages Manager mobile app when people post or comment on your page. The Pages Manager app is a new iPhone app from Facebook that allows you to view and manage just your pages all in one place. Pretty nice for on-the-go or live updating and monitoring!

It is important to note that this does not replace the Use Facebook as Page function. The Voice Toolbar only changes your voice on the pages you  manage. If you want to post, comment or like content on another page as a page you manage you still must switch to using Facebook as that page first. If you aren’t familiar with this function, click on the drop down arrow at the top right of Facebook. That drops down options to use Facebook as any page you manage. This allows you to like and comment on other pages around Facebook.

What do you think – will you use the Voice Toolbar? Will it make it easier for you to comment as yourself or would you rather post as your page at all times?

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