What You Need to Know About Facebook EdgeRank and Your News Feed

The Facebook News Feed was launched in September 2006. It appeared on every Facebook user’s homepage and highlighted profile updates and changes from your friends. Whether you loved or hated the Facebook News Feed initially, its importance and power are obvious now. Having your update appear in a friend or fan’s News Feed is crucial to engagement.

The News Feed is based on a two-tab system – Top News and Most Recent. Posts with a higher EdgeRank will appear higher in the Top News feed. Over 50% of users do click over to the Most Recent tab on a regular basis but Top News is Facebook’s default setting.

So how do you get your Facebook updates at the top of everyone’s News Feed?

First you must be aware of the algorithms that allow the News Feed to show you the top, relevant content. These algorithms are collectively called EdgeRank. EdgeRank looks something like this:

TechCrunch explains EdgeRank, “At a high level, the EdgeRank formula is fairly straightforward. But first, some definitions: every item that shows up in your News Feed is considered an Object. If you have an Object in the News Feed (say, a status update), whenever another user interacts with that Object they’re creating what Facebook calls an Edge, which includes actions like tags and comments.”


An object’s EdgeRank is based on three components:

  1. Affinity – Based on the interactions between the viewing user and the object’s creator. Connections (friends or pages) that you regularly interact with (like, comment, view pictures) have a higher affinity score.
  2. Level of Interaction – Different types of interactions are weighed differently, giving more importance to interactions that require more effort. A comment for example has more importance than a like. Objects with higher levels of interaction are more likely to appear in your News Feed.
  3. Timeliness – The older an object is the less important it becomes so newer updates are more likely to appear in your News Feed.

An object’s EdgeRank is a combination of these three factors for each Edge. The higher the EdgeRank is, the more likely an Object is to appear in your News Feed. An object is more likely to appear in your Facebook News Feed if you and people you know have been interacting with it and the author recently.

Tips to get your content in friends and fans Top News Feed:

  • Utilize your real estate – include pictures, video and link previews in your updates. These catch the eye and are more engaging to users.
  • Ask questions – end your update with a question to your audience that encourages them to respond with a comment.
  • Keep it fresh – make sure your content is new and newsworthy. The News Feed moves fast so keep your page updated regularly.
  • Post directly – Objects that are posted directly from Facebook.com tend to rank better than those that are posted from a 3rd party application (CoTweet, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc).

Check out more tips to increase your EdgeRank at Social Media Examiner.

Have more tips to share about improving EdgeRank? Share them in the comments!

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